Highdown Gardens

The Bench, A book and she is reading it to me lying on my lap. The magic of Notting Hill will be created. This is the place where I first caught my breath on snowdrops. I didn’t know what I was expecting to see and experience in this random place Worthing, that I chose toContinue reading “Highdown Gardens”

Te Amo Cadabra

Disturbing her when she is engrossed in her “Inconsistent Musings” world is something that I enjoy immensely. “Chekkaaaaaa……can you just go please?”“Copper, come and bite papa” These are her usual utterances. This time it was different. Probably she was Robert Galbraith, JK Rawlings pseudonym, crafting a new murder mystery. She quietly accepted my invasion andContinue reading “Te Amo Cadabra”

Weekend Trekking Trails

Immersing myself in nature has rewarded me immensely. A week of dwelling in a clutter of computers, CRM’s and data crunching actually clogs the cells inside me. Then comes weekend to unwind all that amidst long grasses, puddles, dust, rocks and trekking trails. They have often infused fresh enthusiasm in me to be a betterContinue reading “Weekend Trekking Trails”

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