World Poetry Day

You are slowly becoming an #AthukkumMele writer. Your chemistry with life, words, taste, thoughts and love are in perfect combination and well synchronised. Enjoying every moment of your creativity. Yesterday was World Poetry Day. I woke up to a tag on Twitter by a generous soul, who added me as one of his favourite poets.Continue reading “World Poetry Day”

Three Men!

You have the ability to surprise a lot of people with your creative writing. Keep penning, keep entertaining. I’m a wanna be journalist, I’ve pursued my bachelors in law and want to pursue my masters in journalism. so recently I was a bit worried regarding my future as almost everything has come to a haltContinue reading “Three Men!”

Te Amo Cadabra

Disturbing her when she is engrossed in her “Inconsistent Musings” world is something that I enjoy immensely. “Chekkaaaaaa……can you just go please?”“Copper, come and bite papa” These are her usual utterances. This time it was different. Probably she was Robert Galbraith, JK Rawlings pseudonym, crafting a new murder mystery. She quietly accepted my invasion andContinue reading “Te Amo Cadabra”


Teachers, Students, Parents and everything in between. While reading this article about the online class explosion and an implosion of leftist ideology. I remembered an incident which took the whole of India by storm about 4 decades back to sit back and think. The infamous Anti-computer protests of 80’s. This article is originally published byContinue reading “PAY CUTS AND ABUSIVE PARENTS: WHAT TEACHERS FACE DURING LOCKDOWN — A.L. Ashkenaz”

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