Indispensable to Disposable is the Shortest Journey

Relationships are methodical madness. We create, we destroy at will. This is not to be construed as a relationship advice. Well, it is neither a no relationship advice too. It is the malfunctions of my brain derived out of situations I name as whimperings of a stepping stone. Last 12 months had given me unforgettableContinue reading “Indispensable to Disposable is the Shortest Journey”

Three Men!

You have the ability to surprise a lot of people with your creative writing. Keep penning, keep entertaining. I’m a wanna be journalist, I’ve pursued my bachelors in law and want to pursue my masters in journalism. so recently I was a bit worried regarding my future as almost everything has come to a haltContinue reading “Three Men!”

Thoughts From Thirteen, Though 7 Years Old, It Still Holds.

“Change me not but change for goodSpoil me not but spoil my badPrayers that gloss my lipsNever for me but allCurse me with night but I will wish you dayLight is far in my tunnel but I promise you nay darknessPain is my companion but I share noneLife turns and every turn is a teacher.”Continue reading “Thoughts From Thirteen, Though 7 Years Old, It Still Holds.”

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