Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation, Seriously?

“Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation”: Says IRDA.Which essentially means that insurance has to be requested or asked for (by an Earning Individual), not sold by an Advisor or Firm. This is one the reasons that thousands of Indians die without protecting their beloved family with an Adequate Insurance Cover. This is not justContinue reading “Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation, Seriously?”

Coconut and Currency Conversation

When we are surrounded by nature, the amazing properties that create its beauty are way beyond our comprehension. None teaches you like Flora and Fauna. I love to see things in my own peculiar way. The greatest investment that our ancestors have made for us is the nature that is around us. Unfortunately, that remainsContinue reading “Coconut and Currency Conversation”

Colours of an Investment Portfolio

“Portfolio is a true representation of your Strength, Weakness, Vision, Hardwork, and Future.” As a wealth manager, I often face the challenge of creating an investment portfolio within the first 15 min of meeting an investor.Penning the names of funds and stocks, I often give the impression of a magician pulling out a rabbit fromContinue reading “Colours of an Investment Portfolio”

Insurance, an Expression of Love in Paper Format.

Today I will start with a small real-life story that touched me so much, painfully though. (This was a write-up I made for Navratri Festival.) She is “M”; married with two sons and was working for the retired personnel of the Armed Forces. I proudly manage her Investment Portfolio. Me: “Want to meet you, Ma’am”“M”:Continue reading “Insurance, an Expression of Love in Paper Format.”

Risk Is The Ability To Absorb Loss Or Profit

Wish you Navratri Festival Tritiya as bright and pure as White, may Goddess Chandraghanta give you strength to be all that you wanna be. Day 3 – Tritiya – White Taking Risk, It is Only for The Brave. Last two days I wrote about savings and investments. Now time has come to address the mostContinue reading “Risk Is The Ability To Absorb Loss Or Profit”

Art of Saving is a Painting You Get to Enjoy Yourself with Wow!

Dear Investor, On the Auspicious Occasion of Navratri, I wish you health, wealth and happiness on behalf of my family, Roma, my Team and NJ India Invest. We have 9 Days to Reflect What I Should Do to Where I Should be?So I thought, I will write and inform you about one very important thingContinue reading “Art of Saving is a Painting You Get to Enjoy Yourself with Wow!”

Insurance – The 4th Necessity To Live Peacefully

Roti, Kapda aur Makhan (15 Aug 1947 to 23 Mar 2020) Roti, Kapda, Insurance aur Makhan (24 Mar 2020 Onwards) A new necessity has been added along with the basic three – courtesy SARS-CoV-2 pet name Corona. Remember this WhatsApp picture meme depicting the Year 2020? Living with virus  and natural calamities related uncertainties areContinue reading “Insurance – The 4th Necessity To Live Peacefully”

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