Festival of Lights

Indian festivals are filled with colours and lights and also sound and Deepavali is the one when you see an extravaganza of all three. This is one occasion where most people throw their love for environment to the air (pun intended) and burst crackers…plenty of them..for hours. The air is already hazy with smoke. TomorrowContinue reading “Festival of Lights”

“Muhurat Trading” – The First Step Is The Most Important One.

Samvat 2076 to Samvat 2077- What significant change came in your life? Muhurat means – an auspicious time for an “enterprise to begin”.Enterprise means – “a project or undertaking”, especially a bold or complex one. In simple language it is a personal event or a promise you make to yourself to start something anew orContinue reading ““Muhurat Trading” – The First Step Is The Most Important One.”

Learn with us, Stay with us and Walk with us.

Dhanteras and Diwali are the most celebrated festivals across India. It comes with a lot of sound, light and smoke. I don’t want to paint the joy of lights and glitter with anything other than happiness. The idea was conceptualized by NJ India Invest and shared by Gaurav. Script by Roma and videography by me.Continue reading “Learn with us, Stay with us and Walk with us.”

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