Birthday Card From My Teen.

I celebrated my birthday recently and my 13 year old son, made a wonderful card for me. It had his stick figure drawings, which spoke a thousand words which only he and I could understand. He is a happy child and very sensitive. He gets easily upset. Observing the unfairness of life happening around him,Continue reading “Birthday Card From My Teen.”

Yatra Naryastu Pujyante- Where woman are honoured

Originally posted on Musings of an Inconsistent Libran:
It all began with eve-teasing, a curse which has become part of every Indian girl’s life. No one would have thought even in their wildest dreams, that it would spark an avalanche of incidents which changed this idyllic town of mine, forever. I decided to settle down…

Art of Saving is a Painting You Get to Enjoy Yourself with Wow!

Dear Investor, On the Auspicious Occasion of Navratri, I wish you health, wealth and happiness on behalf of my family, Roma, my Team and NJ India Invest. We have 9 Days to Reflect What I Should Do to Where I Should be?So I thought, I will write and inform you about one very important thingContinue reading “Art of Saving is a Painting You Get to Enjoy Yourself with Wow!”

Go gently Into the Night

Originally posted on Musings of an Inconsistent Libran: I lost someone to SARS CoV-2 virus today. Someone, whom I knew as an energetic young man, doting father of two lovely girls, and above all a much-loved Football Coach around downtown Mumbai. The 80000+ death toll count in India caused by the virus was mere…

Oops! I missed it again

There is always an invisible connection between your investments, stock market, and politics. It is not mandatory for every investor to know this link. However, ill-informed emotional decisions can ruin your purported wealth creation. As Investment Bankers, we do not have the luxury to ignore certain coordinates to the destination. The Pessimist may call itContinue reading “Oops! I missed it again”

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