Learn with us, Stay with us and Walk with us.

Dhanteras and Diwali are the most celebrated festivals across India. It comes with a lot of sound, light and smoke. I don’t want to paint the joy of lights and glitter with anything other than happiness. The idea was conceptualized by NJ India Invest and shared by Gaurav. Script by Roma and videography by me.Continue reading “Learn with us, Stay with us and Walk with us.”

Unlearn Before Its Too late

This interesting picture was shared by my classmate Annie Rogy, asking for befitting thoughts about the sculpture and its unknown creator. Its just that I was there on WhatsApp adding more screen time to my kitty, I thought to pen what I felt spontaneously. When we are young, our inquisitiveness leads us to acquire knowledgeContinue reading “Unlearn Before Its Too late”

Weekend Trekking Trails

Immersing myself in nature has rewarded me immensely. A week of dwelling in a clutter of computers, CRM’s and data crunching actually clogs the cells inside me. Then comes weekend to unwind all that amidst long grasses, puddles, dust, rocks and trekking trails. They have often infused fresh enthusiasm in me to be a betterContinue reading “Weekend Trekking Trails”


Teachers, Students, Parents and everything in between. While reading this article about the online class explosion and an implosion of leftist ideology. I remembered an incident which took the whole of India by storm about 4 decades back to sit back and think. The infamous Anti-computer protests of 80’s. This article is originally published byContinue reading “PAY CUTS AND ABUSIVE PARENTS: WHAT TEACHERS FACE DURING LOCKDOWN — A.L. Ashkenaz”

Are you God Enough?

All Saints Day comes with mixed feelings from my childhood, adulthood and times of midlife crisis. When I write something outrageous, my journalist son quips “Papa, Are you going through a midlife crisis?” Well, I am not. Its just that, I am more independent in my thoughts than I used to be a decade back.Continue reading “Are you God Enough?”

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