Coconut and Currency Conversation

When we are surrounded by nature, the amazing properties that create its beauty are way beyond our comprehension. None teaches you like Flora and Fauna. I love to see things in my own peculiar way. The greatest investment that our ancestors have made for us is the nature that is around us. Unfortunately, that remainsContinue reading “Coconut and Currency Conversation”

Highdown Gardens

The Bench, A book and she is reading it to me lying on my lap. The magic of Notting Hill will be created. This is the place where I first caught my breath on snowdrops. I didn’t know what I was expecting to see and experience in this random place Worthing, that I chose toContinue reading “Highdown Gardens”

Find Yourself, Because The Wealth Is Inside You

Sundays are meant for finding the inner you. I started enjoying this exercise with Leena since August. When you put on your best shoes and walk in to the uncharted territories, you are going to give life to your dream’s Trekking to Karanjade Hills had been one of the most rejuvenating experiences of late. TheContinue reading “Find Yourself, Because The Wealth Is Inside You”

When Nature Stopped My Walk & Demanded Attention

My business at BSEL near Inorbit mall, Vashi, got ovee at half past 10. Lady at the counter looked at the transaction forms I was holding and said; “You have to submit these at Vashi Plaza, C-Wing. It is just across the Mumbai – Pune highway.” Google said it’s about 700 meters. Walking down theContinue reading “When Nature Stopped My Walk & Demanded Attention”

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