Whiteoak Flexi Cap Fund

Whiteoak Capital, a company with an impeccable pedigree has launched its First Domestic Equity Mutual Fund = Flexicap Fund which is open and now available till 26th July 2022. They have 5 Years of experience in FII’s Wealth Management. Foreign Institutional Investors are the biggest investors in India. The company is founded by Mr. PrashantContinue reading “Whiteoak Flexi Cap Fund”

Thoda sa Philosophy, Economics and Foot Note

Dear Trackfinder Investor,“The Developing Stories to Follow.” Thoda sa Philosophy:Have India and I do fairly well compared to the past?That is one of the key observations you need to note to be peacefully successful.As an individual, Financial and Investment Goal Planning is the actual management that you need for knowing the Fixed and Discretionary Spending.Continue reading “Thoda sa Philosophy, Economics and Foot Note”

Colours of an Investment Portfolio

“Portfolio is a true representation of your Strength, Weakness, Vision, Hardwork, and Future.” As a wealth manager, I often face the challenge of creating an investment portfolio within the first 15 min of meeting an investor.Penning the names of funds and stocks, I often give the impression of a magician pulling out a rabbit fromContinue reading “Colours of an Investment Portfolio”

Value Investor Ki Khoj Me! (In Search of)

Has worry ever helped? Worrying only helped our enemies of all forms. If you continue to worry about smaller things, your health will end up paying a price. You need to wake up that child in you who always enjoyed the rollercoaster ride in an amusement park. Fun is not while it is going up, itContinue reading “Value Investor Ki Khoj Me! (In Search of)”

My Past Experience Leading Me To The Future

This was written for the sole purpose of promoting International Investments through DSP Global Innovation Fund of Fund. “Mutual Funds Investments are subject to Market Risk,” Govt asked me to tell you this before you invest, however in the last 19 years, I am yet to see this said Risk, time is the risk. HopeContinue reading “My Past Experience Leading Me To The Future”

Gift of Life and Gift of Wealth, a Perspective.

Life and Wealth are two unique gifts we receive from our parents. This has deeper meanings and comes with responsibilities and legacy. Every experience adds values to our life and makes us what we are. Then at one juncture our siblings takes over the job of value addition. In my life, this is done byContinue reading “Gift of Life and Gift of Wealth, a Perspective.”

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