Whiteoak Flexi Cap Fund

Whiteoak Capital, a company with an impeccable pedigree has launched its First Domestic Equity Mutual Fund = Flexicap Fund which is open and now available till 26th July 2022. They have 5 Years of experience in FII’s Wealth Management. Foreign Institutional Investors are the biggest investors in India. The company is founded by Mr. PrashantContinue reading “Whiteoak Flexi Cap Fund”

Coconut and Currency Conversation

When we are surrounded by nature, the amazing properties that create its beauty are way beyond our comprehension. None teaches you like Flora and Fauna. I love to see things in my own peculiar way. The greatest investment that our ancestors have made for us is the nature that is around us. Unfortunately, that remainsContinue reading “Coconut and Currency Conversation”

Of Blue Sky and Bare Trees

“I see the soul of the trees. Every gnarled knot & scar revealed. Nothing to conceal under a pretentious foliage.”“The branches like penitent lacerations of remorse & regrets extending further on and further on towards the sky, waiting for something.” Best part of writeup. It reminded me of the day when I painted “Solitude” forContinue reading “Of Blue Sky and Bare Trees”


Authored by budding student journalist Mr. Ashkenaz. A foodie himself, thinking about making use of food waste for a better tomorrow. I speak to farmers and NGOs on “Wonky Veg” and it’s impact on food waste and the climate crisis. HOW ‘WONKY VEG’ CAN FIX THE CLIMATE CRISIS

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