Entrepreneurship Is Blooming Possibilities For Others

We are just 2 days away from another Financial Year. One of the most difficult FYs I have faced in my life. Hope of a better future was the only candle we kept lit all these 12 months. When I look back, I can see pain and strain in every sector. Adjusting to losses and standing up against invisible threats has made us stronger than ever.

Thence I thought about penning my observations. My experiences of running a company. How my team weathered the storm and made it to the top list. Lot has been done, lot need to be done too.

Entrepreneurship is not a single action an individual has to perform deliberately. It is often the impact of doing small things right from the beginning and joining them together to create a new one to everyone’s advantage.


Willingness to work on an impossible idea is the first step. Most of the time vision looks unrealistic because visionaries are not accepted at face value. The perspective of end result is like a never ending tunnel. One’s tenacity to believe that the end is going to be good is the second step.

An idea becomes obsolete the moment you share that with your team. That means, “The Idea” needs to have a new life and energy from every member of the team. Technically the team tends and blossoms it for the mass. This collective effort makes every entrepreneurial venture a success.

One of the reasons for many start-up’s fail,, is not because the idea was outdated, but mostly because of the teams’ “Salaried Class Mindset”. The concept of 500% output does not exist with young generations. Millennials or Gen – Y workforce are the most difficult ones to comprehend this fact.

“I wont take the oars of a fellow oarsman, that is not my job”. Not stepping in for a missing colleague or supporting the one with lesser acumen to maintain the buoyancy of the ship is something that makes the ship sink. Here I found Gen -X is much better than Gen – Y. Unfortunately the X’s are outnumbered by the Y’s and always at loggerheads with the old-fashioned practices.

Few things that I am planning to implement in my business is to break down the 12 months from April to 52 weeks.
Weekly Performance to be mapped to Monthly Targets.
Monthly Performance to be clubbed to Quarterly Targets.
Corrective measures to be taken at the end of every quarter, a failure here accumulates to a disaster midway through the year. By all means let us avoid a situation of systemic failure. Make every week be a building block for every month end.

“#LetsMakeWealthTogether, Health and Happiness will Follow”. This is what I wish to practice going forward.
I often tell every investor to be patient. Target bigger goals. Make every second and penny count for you. Use the bridge that we have built together to its true potential.

Lets Make Wealth Together!


Thanks Giving is the Longest Journey – A Receiver to A Giver.

God must be seriously busy today. The whole of Europe is giving thanks to Him for being with them. Billion dollar question is how?

At a very young age we were taught to Give more and expect to Receive less. My Amma was a proponent of philanthropy. She had lot of things to give away to the needy in and around her family.

Christina John, My Amma.

She was a legend when it came to spending time with relatives. Before I go off the track, let me get back to the subject in hand.

Thanks Giving is supposed to be more than just Roasted Turkey, Wine and Family get-together. It’s time to redefine who should be thanked and for what ?

All I want now in my life is to have a huge debit side than a credit side. Give more and receive less. Take no credit, give it all up for the people around me. Square off everything that I owe to people.

Make generosity and philanthropy as my synonyms. Work hard to make others life better. Push up more people to better places from their present pedestal. Make every cynicism and critisism as a compliment move a forward. Never stop, never wilt, never buckle, never implode.

I am thankful to a host of people and things around. Apart from this ‘grace’ we say everyday at the dining table, I have a lot to thank for what I have.

Thank you God for the food before us.

Thank you God for the family besides us.

Thank you God for the shelter around us.

Thank you God for the love between us.

To all those teachers who stood tirelessly in the classroom teaching me.

To all the clients and their 2nd and 3rd generation ones who trusted me with their money.

To all those who loved me unconditionally and to those who hated me for lot of reasons.

To my business partner and all the associates who stood by me in thick and thin.

To all the colourful pens and gadgets which always functioned when I needed them the most .

To my intuitions and hunches which always came from nowhere to help me stand tall amidst the equals.

Last but not the least, to all those beautiful people who came into my life and made a huge difference.

Signing off with a gratitude overflowing heart.


“Muhurat Trading” – The First Step Is The Most Important One.

Samvat 2076 to Samvat 2077- What significant change came in your life?

Muhurat means – an auspicious time for an “enterprise to begin”.
Enterprise means – “a project or undertaking”, especially a bold or complex one.

Happy Deepawali

In simple language it is a personal event or a promise you make to yourself to start something anew or give a boost to the one you already started in the yesteryears.

Unfortunately, what I have seen is, like the Independence Day and Children’s Day, Muhurat Trading and Dhanteras loses its sheen in about 7 days from now.

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it in to practice” so said Anton Chekhov.

If you start something today, make it a point that you have the guts to carry it all along in bad times as well as in good times. Be it Wealth, Health or Happiness, you have to be with it all the times.

Invest your time and attitude in all. Don’t expect anything to be served on a platter.
An “X” Company’s Share or Mutual Funds you took today should not become a pain in the coming days forcing you to change to “Y”. A Good Start is Half Done, so goes the saying.

Be mindful of the decisions you make today. Let there be no regrets tomorrow.

One of the Sadhguru’s quotes is very relevant here:
“Discipline does not mean control. Discipline means, having the sense to do exactly what is needed”
Basically, you cannot control these:
1. Interest Fluctuations
2. NAV and Price of Shares
3. GDP and Economy
4. Politics and Act of God
5. Emotions and Comments

Financial Planning

Sense of doing these right things are in your control.
1. Not taking all emotions and comments of others seriously.
2. Politicians and God have a mind of their own, leave it to them to do the right for you when they feel it is the right time.
3. Be Local and Vocal so the economy and GDP grows for you.
4. Leave NAV to Fund managers and Share Price to intra-day traders. You think about only the value.
5. You are not the RBI Governor or Economic advisor. No one stopped you from looking for better opportunities.

End of the day, make Muhurat be the one that starts a journey of wealth, health and happiness creation and not the end of it.


10 Signs That “You Are Not Enjoying The Journey Of Investing”

1. “Mutual Funds are Subject to Market Risk, Read the Offer Documents Carefully”…..and you believed it without reading or talking to a Financial Advisor. How naive?

2. Best funds from Google I selected. All Goes Up together and at times All Falls Down.

3. Every morning you check NAV forgetting to enjoy your tea, biscuits and newspaper. You should instead be doing that once in 15 days or a month.

“t” is the time you spend with your Financial Advisor and Funds

4. Asking your friends and neighbours, “Did your investments grow?”

5. Your investments show 15% CAGR, still thinking about “More” without learning to manage.

The Trackfinder-NJ Team

6. Your Mutual Funds have all sector funds and mostly in loss or just breaking even.

7. You have 5 Mutual Funds Apps and 3 News Apps to monitor your Investments.

8. You talk to AMC customer care & Bank clerks to find out what’s going on and what should be done now.

Serving the Nation with Pride.

9. You get panic attacks on expense ratios and Demat Account charges.

10. Your short term is 30 days instead of 3 years. Your long term is 12 months instead of 10 years.

Bottom Line is, you expect your funds to grow in a bearish market as well as in bullish one, when you are with an advisor. However you do not question the AMC CC or the clerks because you know that they don’t treat you the way an advisor do.

Investing in Mutual Funds are Wealth Creation and not to be considered as Savings. Hence stop expecting circus.


It’s Never Too Late, But Sometimes It Is…

I need to get out of my procrastination.” She said in between our animated conversation. I may have missed next couple of sentences owing to a pop-up in my head.

“Chekka, you are epitome of procrastination.” My better half has bitterly blurted out many a times. I always looked at her with a blank straight face whenever that was shot at me.

If your “savings” are enough to help you maintain your lifestyle going forward, you are not late.

If your “salary” is sufficient enough to enhance your life according to the unfolding circumstances, you are not late.

If your “pension” is perfect and retirement corpus is adequate, you are not late.

If your “other income” has a steady flow, you are not late.

If your “protection” is equal to the worth of your life for near and dear, you are not late.

Retirement Kitty for aged 35.

You can delay all investment decisions you probably should have taken, if all the above are as per your standards.

There are 3 simple stages of investing.

Joy of planning.

Joy of investing.

Joy of returns.

Remember, “A strong basket is more important than the fragile eggs you wish to carry.” Because you wouldn’t know which egg would hatch a hen.

Don’t think about that hen who laid golden eggs. It never happened. Our refrigerators and nearby chicken shops are examples of that.

In a span of 10 months, we have seen everything. Height of euphoria to depth of devastation and a ray of hope of recovery.

Long term investors enjoyed the circus played out by short term investors. One accumulated wealth and the other still searching for meaning and suitable situations to “Buy Low and Sell High.”

Start Investing. Under the guidance, you will grow better. Still thinking about managing your own investment portfolio?

Talk to me if you don’t find tail wind. I am always here.


Unlearn Before Its Too late

This interesting picture was shared by my classmate Annie Rogy, asking for befitting thoughts about the sculpture and its unknown creator. Its just that I was there on WhatsApp adding more screen time to my kitty, I thought to pen what I felt spontaneously.


When we are young, our inquisitiveness leads us to acquire knowledge in abundance. It flows in to us with brute force sculpturing us in to exciting human beings. Life is blooming.

As middle age walks in, most of us gain, lot of extra new age fat called arrogance and attitude. This not only makes us dark and sulky, but also nourishes the demon within. By the time we regain our consciousness from the trance we are in, we have lost considerable amount of time to our alter ego. Life is inflated.

Then comes the age of the wisdom, where we unlearn, undo and unclutter by chiseling our own extra weight. Life is lighter.

We all have to shed what we have accumulated as part of wants. Need will remain so will the life…


Weekend Trekking Trails

Immersing myself in nature has rewarded me immensely.

On a mission

A week of dwelling in a clutter of computers, CRM’s and data crunching actually clogs the cells inside me. Then comes weekend to unwind all that amidst long grasses, puddles, dust, rocks and trekking trails.

They have often infused fresh enthusiasm in me to be a better version than the one yesterday.

What happens to me on a mountain trip is pretty hard to explain.

Every step I take to climb up reminds me of the path I crossed.

Every thought that crosses my mind reminds me of my team and their prayers for me.

Every breathless moment I face reminds me of the struggle that everyone goes through silently.

Every cautious step I take while climbing down reminds me of my profession as a Financial Advisor.

Every drop of water I drink panting reminds me of home and the walls of safety.

The Rock which held my love for a while
The Grass and Me are all same
V for Value

Picture courtesy Leena Mathew…….and she named it Chekkan’s Photoshoot.



Teachers, Students, Parents and everything in between. While reading this article about the online class explosion and an implosion of leftist ideology. I remembered an incident which took the whole of India by storm about 4 decades back to sit back and think. The infamous Anti-computer protests of 80’s.

This article is originally published by AL Ashkenaz.

Digitising an entire school was always going to be a daunting task. But for the 1.5 million schools in India, many of whom still operated on paper primarily, this task felt herculean. Many schools, especially in villages, had no online payment facilities and conducted most of its curriculum with pen and paper. The story of […]


Are you God Enough?

All Saints Day comes with mixed feelings from my childhood, adulthood and times of midlife crisis. When I write something outrageous, my journalist son quips “Papa, Are you going through a midlife crisis?”

Picture from Percy Vowles

Well, I am not. Its just that, I am more independent in my thoughts than I used to be a decade back. Today when I received the picture above, my mind flooded with thoughts of the changes that I prefer to see around me. Falsehood of humans and their societal presentation of being good.

“I said: You are Gods.” (Psalm 82:6) If we are living example of God according to the scriptures, then why are we not Godly? We seems to have forgotten the value of being righteous. Possession and craving for more materials have driven us to the edge of no return. I wasn’t any different.

Emphatically we are taught “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” I wonder, if along with this, we were taught the need to be generous human beings than materialistic ones, half the problems of the world would have been negated.

We need to have clean thoughts like a clear windshield. Path ahead then, would be visible with clarity.

Keep a watch on the rearview mirror. Making sure none is left behind.

Keep stock of the knowledge of a spare tire and tow cables, which could be handy in emergencies.

These simple practices can manifest God in us. The collective aura we generate can light up the world.

Unfortunately we are running for nirvana in religion ignoring the religion of humanity.

I always felt that religion is the only business to which we prostrate without questioning it’s logic and authority.




Under Investing, An Acrimonious Action To Your Own Aspirations.

Over the years I have met thousands of people who wanted to invest big and small. The spark & glow that falls between the conversations is worth the time I spent with them talking about wealth creation.

15 hrs a day practice for 1.5 hrs of play, that is football.

After a while, I realised that some people choose to grossly under invest. Most of the time, this fact surfaces after about 12 to 18 months of being my esteemed investor.

Today I will keep the subject to “Under Investing” or “Below Par Wealth Building Practices” by investors. I shall pen my thoughts and observations on “Over Investing” on another sunny day.

From the day one of my Wealth Building Advisory Journey, I have kept one thing very consistent. Invest according to your capacity. A Rs. 1000 from a blue collar employee is equal to the Rs. 1, 00, 000,  I solicit from a white collar one. If the advisor is unbiased, the growth remains same in percentile terms. Asset allocation based risk and its reward could be the only differentiator between them.

On a level playing field, when I make that small difference in someone’s small earnings in life, it is often more satisfying to my soul than creating wealth for a wealthy person.

“Investment has to be a joyful affair”, I firmly believe in that.

Few things emerge from both types of Investors. Most of them only invested 20% of the investable surplus. What went wrong? Why did they under invest? Was it the quantifiable knowledge of the advisor or was it the technical and further more confusing jargons I used while communicating to them. Was it the fear of economy and stock market? Was it just plain cautious move due to past experience or hearsay?

It is often a combination of lots of factors.

Most of the time my understanding of the client with Ms Roma’s inputs and NJ’s CRM analytics throws up a gross under investing by the individuals. When we reason with them regarding the potential mismanagement of personal assets allocation, we get to hear these common dialects.

“I have lost so much hence I am scared”. “I cannot understand this one week of positive returns and next week it starts giving negative returns”. “Internet is filled with plenty of confusing stories, I fail to understand them”. “When I buy, immediately it goes down in valuations and when I sell, it shoots through the roof making me feel like an unlucky one”.

8/10 times I guide my clients out of the negative conversation. Still every single day I fear of losing one to the negative trend which unfortunately looms large over us.

I can relate investing to 2 different kinds of actions. I personally enjoy both of them. One is painting and the other one is mountaineering. It’s not traversing in a straight line, neither it is one technique fits all.

Under investing can be  very dangerous to the wealth creation even in short term. This is more riskier than the warnings you read about Mutual Funds and Stock Market.

The damage of improper investing can be best explained in logic and numbers.

25 years old Arun and Anagha earns salary of Rs. 15000. Starts SIP in Mutual Funds for 20 Years.

Her Investments 40% [Rs. 6000]
His Investments 20% [Rs. 3000]

25 years old Salvadore and Phinnaeus earns salary of Rs. 45000. Starts SIP in Mutual Funds for 20 Years.

Salvadore’s Investments 40% [Rs. 18000]
Phinnaeus’ Investments 20% [Rs. 9000]

Only Anagha and Salvadore can actually think about retiring at 45. Financial Freedom!!

This is applicable to every person with an income. The pictures above speak volumes of investing and under investing. Apart from the concerns that I mentioned earlier personal habit such has spending, show-offs and unfortunate liabilities are major reasons for under investing.

How do we overcome this?

1. Fiscal Prudence is one method. It’s nothing but “Save First, Spend Later”. I don’t think this is difficult to understand. Right?

2. Tie Up Loose Ends. Rework on your necessary expenditure and slowly but steadily do away with unnecessary ones. This is not easy; it’s indeed a tough task.

I have failed many times, you too will, probably, in all likelihood.

All said and done Under Investing is An Unfriendly Action To Your Own Aspirations. Stick to the basic principles of investing and asset allocation.

Perform Risk-Reward ratio based rebalancing and periodic reviews. Most importantly be with your Financial Advisor at all seasons.

Warm Regards

Antony Trackfinder

Founder & CMD

Trackfinder Financial Consultancy +919969828224, +919869927212.


The Bulls of the Dalal Street have succumbed to the Bears

My dear Investor,

Last 24 hours all of us shared one simple yet powerful statement on all media available to us. “Let’s celebrate victory of good against evil.”

What transpired today is just the opposite.

The Bulls of the Dalal Street have succumbed to the Bear’s powerful onslaught. The people who lost their valuations to today’s carnage will be wondering about the futility of the festival greetings which is nothing but the magnificence of a paper town.

Being Greedy is an art very few understands

It’s very easy to quote Investing Philosopher Warren Buffett over coffee or a beer mugs. Then practicing the same is a huge task considering we have a volatile heart.  

Nifty & Sensex are down by 1.3%. Millions of rupees worth valuations have vanished. This was probably in the making. Economic activity and corporate earnings does not look good. Running Pharma and IT cannot stand up and speak for India without healthy participation of other sectors.

Pic Courtesy NSE.com
Pic Courtesy BSE.com

I am not an economist neither an astrologist. But my intuitions get stronger by every passing day.

Today’s fall of the broader market is triggered by Reliance Industry which cracked over 3.9%.

Guys Take a break and wait for better opportunity.

Pic Courtesy Bloomberg

 Action & Reaction

Tomorrow, 27 Oct 2020, is “One of Those Days” you must take “Some Time” to analyse the change happened in your Investments from 23 Oct 2020 closing. You will understand why I insisted on moving your Investments in Mutual Funds to MARS and hold cash in Stock Market.

MARS stands for Mutual Fund Automated Rebalancing System. Cash stands for opportunistic entry in to the Stock Market.

Most important factor in this kind of a portfolio management is to learn what rebalancing means?

Facts Informed.

If you are not “Balanced” then you cannot “Rebalance”.

Asset Allocation is the key. This is No Circus. Stay Calm, Stay Invested. Maintain Balance.

Don’t under invest, that amounts to negative valuations.

Pointers for You

1. Increase SIP to your maximum capacity.

2. Invest Lump Sum now in MARS Aggressive Portfolio.

3. Learn to book Profit and Loss in Stock Market.

4. Learn holistic wealth creation.

5. Talk to Roma.

Warm Regards

Antony Trackfinder

Founder & CMD

Trackfinder Financial Consultancy +919969828224, +919869927212.


Legacy, Bestowing Prosperity To The Next Generation.

Happy Dussehra to you and your beloved family,

Navratri Festival: Day 9 – Ram Navami – Purple

Let me share a small true story:

In 2013 she was my staff for a short while, a single parent with huge responsibility on her shoulder. Yesterday (24-Oct-20) I met her and family. It was a panic call. I couldn’t sense what was in store for me.

She lost her father to a cardiac arrest because Jaipurwala Phuphaji took away the land which was rightfully her father’s.

Death benefit of 18 Lakhs was lost in a property deal because her Mother trusted a friend “who was always there in their crisis”.     

Lost 5 Lakhs to Pearl Investment Co.

A relative who happened to be a Mutual Funds Advisor does not manage portfolio well.

I was frozen after 4 hours long meeting. I needed couple of drinks to rest at night.

What happened with her was exactly what I had been warning you in the past 8 days.

That is reality, painful one at that. “We would have been better off, had I been with your firm for the last lost 7 years” she said, struggling to hold her tears back.

Legacy is one that I wish to address today. May be I learnt this at a very young age.  

“Your family legacy is determined by the actions that you take today”. John Di Lemme.

“Legacy is not what I did for myself. It’s what I’m doing for the next generation.” Vitor Belfort

 L1: Create your succession plan.

L2: Create a proper will.

L3: Buy proper life and health insurance cover.

L4: Think about grand children and their future.

L5: Wealthy people must register a Trust in their name to help the underprivileged.

Plan all forms of Investments with an eye on the future. When you look at big business houses around you, dream and have that Déjà Vu goose bumps.

A Promise you can make

Don’t you worry, what you have planted today will grow to become a big tree tomorrow providing shade to lots of people.

Teach your next generation about the need to give it back to the society. What you couldn’t do in your life time, make the next do with a vision.

I want my life, thoughts and vision to go on, even when I am gone.  I want those who outlive me to extend my life, not just to remember it.

लोका: समस्ता: सुखिनो भवन्तु (May the whole world live in happiness) because you took the first step, now it will go on and on.

I will end my Navratri Puja writing with a quote from an Iranian-American Mr. Farshad Asl.

“Everyone leaves behind a legacy of some kind, but those who approach living with a ‘No Excuses’ mindset leave a legacy of value.”

Warm Regards

Antony Trackfinder

Founder & CMD

Trackfinder Financial Consultancy +919969828224, +919869927212.


Mistakes, Forgive and Move on to More Peaceful Ones

Good day Everyone,

Navratri Festival: Day 8 – Ashtami – Peacock Green

To Err Is Human.

Mistakes happen all the time. In our life, education, character, career, relationships and wealth we do mistakes with absolute disregard. Neither they are Peacock nor Green.

Mistakes never bothered me, but late realisation did. Not working on my intuition did. Not understanding hidden agenda of others did. At times people asked me to apologise, unapologetically I refused to apologise. Another time, when it wasn’t mine, still apologized and held everything together.

All the mistakes we do as investors, is the one that I wish to address. I have made them, that is why I am not in the Forbes list of wealthy people. You can reach there, if you are determined to.

You too have done it.

Good news is “We will Continue to Do it”, let’s face it.

“My Mistakes as well as Yours” is a never ending subject.

M1- Late Start

“I will start after some time”. Unfortunately this “some time” ends after 5 years of your earnings or in your early 30’s. An Investment of 15000 SIP in 2012 was good enough to create Rs. 3 Crore by 2035. Today you need Rs. 45000 SIP to reach the same amount same year. Loss of 8 years costs dearly.

M2 – My Parents did something for me.

Whose money is it anyway?

Siblings and parents are there to guide you, but taking charge of the money is your job. A professional who cannot be questioned is called “a relative”. Hence you could be jeopardising the holistic investment methods.

M3 – Too much of One thing gets you Nothing.

Holding multiple LIC policies for no reason. All savings in PF without understanding inflation. Gold is best, when you sell the depreciation is 20%. Cryptocurrency is future; legally investing in this is an offence. FD is safe, what you get is peanuts.

Actually your fall is written on the wall. Correct your course to better destinations before you sink to the bottom.

M4 – Who is my Advisor?

A clerk at the bank counter or a part time advisor is not contemporary. They give you what they are being told to by their seniors. No product knowledge or your goals they address.

This is like Frogs in the well. The world outside is much bigger and better.

M5 – You don’t like Me/Him/Her.

If it is painful, please, call off the relationship. It’s best for mutual benefits. Honey, it’s Your Money.

Find a better one and set the rules the way you want. Never compromise your comfort. You don’t like Antony, please move on. I won’t feel bad, instead I am learning about my mistakes with your help.

M6 – Rat Race

Depth of your pocket is known to you. Your friends or relatives pocket may not be the same. So, do what you can, not what others are doing. You are compromising your integrity due to ego.

“If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need” Warren Buffet.

M7 – Tips and Social Media

90% of the investment gets damaged or underperform due to your running for Freebies. This is cliché.

Why you want to make me rich over night?

Why aren’t you becoming one?

Two important questions which we refuse to ask. Common, be practical. No Prince is coming riding on horse. No treasure is waiting in a penny stock.

You have to move away from the regret and resentment of the mistakes that happened. There is a brighter tomorrow waiting for all of us. Learn today, to be prepared for tomorrow. Get rid of unwanted people and attachments in life. You should not spare me too.

One thing that I learned in my journey is to move on without hating anyone.  We correct all the mistakes but fill our heart with unreasonable greed, larger than life ego and cold blooded hatred.  What purpose would it do, if your inner self is still under the dark spell of negative energy?

Warm Regards

Antony Trackfinder

Founder & CMD

Trackfinder Financial Consultancy +919969828224, +919869927212.


Stock Market, at Times it’s Dark and Black but Brighter at End.

To My Beloved Trackfinder Patrons,

Navratri Festival: Day 7 – Mahasaptami – Green

Greetings to you from all of us,

If I have to correlate the topic at hand with something that is from nature, then I would do it with, “those darkest clouds hiding some terrifying thunder and petrifying lightening”. That is what Stock Market is. However, do not forget the rain that pours soon after the show of the sky.  After the showers, you get to see Green Fields and Meadows resulting in replenished food stores and hearts. So will the Stocks be.

I do not wish to share technical’s here, instead some plain hard-hitting talks.

As an Investor our dilemma is, “when to enter and when to exit”. Stock Market movements are broadly classified in three categories: Bullish, Sideways or Bearish. It was, It is and It will be difficult for all of us, period.

Your Ego, Attitude and Knowledge determines, how you discuss, delete or dissect what’s important to you.

I walked into this maze of Graphs, Candles, Upper Circuit, Lower Circuit, Short Selling, F&O, Tips, Long Term, Short Term and IPO in the year 2004 as part of IndiaBulls Team. I have seen people making money, incurring losses and getting stuck with companies unable to do anything. I have been there done that.

Apart from the blinking red, green and blue colours, trading bolts have plenty of hidden shades which have the ability to give you immense pleasure and excruciating pain. It has all the predatory qualities of a chameleon.

Time in the market is the only key, not timing. Nonetheless, timing is possible for those who have the temperament and patience.

If you start believing that Intra-day trading is the way to become rich, please spend the weekend searching for people who became one.

Between the ages of 11 to 65 Warren Buffett was a nobody and then we came to know that he is super rich. Yes, we missed the “Actual Journey” and started talking about his now famous riches.

A broker who travels by local train and earns ₹15K salary gives you tips about making you the next Ambani, I am not sure who is actually serious about the money here.

No free lunch in stock market. Holding Quality in Quantity gives you Dividends over above its Appreciation. So target min 5000 shares to start a sustainable portfolio with professional help, definitely not those Social Media Kings of Intra-day Futures and Options but the one that talks about Long Term Holding.

Buy when the same stocks falls again and again and again.

Again and again and again……….. Its boring though

Stock Market is your Knight in Shining Armour. You won’t realise this until you experience it. Stick to 10 companies for Long Term and keep 5 for short term. In real terms you cannot handle more than that.

Bottom Line:

If you think that “I Can Beat the Market” then you are living in fool’s paradise.

If you think that “I will buy low and sell high”, story remains same.

If you think that “I Know Everything”, take my words, you know nothing.

Pray to God to give you blessings to fulfil your needs. Nothing more.


Return on Wealth, a Performance You Must Monitor.

Hi all beautiful and blessed people,

Navratri Festival: Day 6 – Sashti – Yellow

Greetings to you on Mahasasthi,

Day of the Yellow, one that reminds me of the Yellow Metal aka Gold, be it ETF, Bars or Jewelry, is closer to every Indian since ages. Displaying Gold has huge significance to our mind in terms of value of the person showing off.

If wealth is valuable, how do we measure the value of wealth we have accumulated?

Risk is Rewarding

We often come across monikers like ROI, YTM, Mark to Market, High Net Worth, Capital Gain/Loss, Indexation, Inflationary Cost and Taxation. All these are related to “Your Wealth’s Appreciation or its Depreciation”. Now you need to ask these questions.

1. What is my net worth?

2. How do I calculate my real wealth?

3. How will I monitor what is pulling down my growth?

Previous 5 write ups were all about creating wealth; today we will address what makes wealth float above the water and shine like Yellow.

Law of Averages is the most important factor. Which means if you make equal investment in 5 products, then what will be your collective return?

FD – 5.5% , PF – 6.9%, LIC – 4%, Saving Account – 2%  and Mutual Funds – 15%.

Your Average Return is = 6.68%

Your Post Tax Real Return is = 4.6%

If you deduct the 5% Inflation then you will end up in negative.

For Tomorrow

Monetary Policy of RBI and Indian Economy has huge impacts on the Guaranteed Return we earn. Hence that is not in our control. To negate this very low return on your parked amount, you must take professional help.

It is advisable to use an excel sheet to put all your data and find out what is happening to your hard earned money?

This exercise is more than what we all think. It will be an eye opener for you. If you put your Loans, Term Plan and Mediclaim expenses also in to this chart, you will immediately become very serious about the Process of Wealth Building and also become mindful about the Actual Growth of your Wealth.

Bottom Line:

Mutual Investments are Subject to Market Risk.

FD, Post Office & PF are Subject to Interest Rate Risk.

Wealth is Subject to Ignorance Risk.

On the lighter note, the first two I can manage, the last one you have to.

Now get down to jotting all the data you have and send me to look at what is your real growth. Wherever you find the ROI is not as per your expectation, let’s rework on them to enhance its performance.

“Price is what you Pay, Value is what you get”. That is what the Wealthiest Man on Earth said.

Warm Regards

Antony Trackfinder

Founder & CMD

Trackfinder Financial Consultancy +919969828224, +919869927212.


Insurance, One that Brings Peace and Prosperity into Our Homes

This was a write up I made for Navratri Festival. Day 5 – Panchami – Blue

Today I will start with a small real life story which touched me so much, painfully though.

She is “M”; married with two sons and was working for the retired Agents of Armed Forces. I proudly manages her Investment Portfolio.

“Want to meet you Ma’am”

“M”: “Come over at 12:45hrs, I will wait for you”

The moment I walk inside her office, “M” will open her bag to pull out lunch box. Without using a buzzer, her staff walks in with cutlery for two people. She shares lunch with so much of love and affection. Next 1 hour we engage ourselves in animated talks about life, kids and work. Last 5 min, I do the work for which I have come to meet her.

This ritual happens every time I meet her. On 28 May 2020 “M” left everyone for her eternal abode. When I got the call at 4 am informing the Devil Covid19 has taken her away, I was devastated, frozen and felt amputated.

She left a lot of things unfinished. One of them was Rs. 2 Crore Home Loan without an Insurance cover. This matter hurt me so much more as an Insurance Advisor. Maximum I could do was getting the family an amount of Rs. 1, 00,000/- from the SIP-Insure that I have done for her. It was peanuts in money terms to the mounted debt.

Insurance: Hey, I am that Invisible guard in your family. Make space for me.

What does Insurance mean?

Is it an Income or a Protection? or is it supposed to be best used a Protection against probable Loss of Income?

Purpose of Insurance is lost in translation. Concept of protection takes a back seat. Mostly due to the mindset we have.

Check 1: I want my whole money back on maturity.

            (This prompts the Advisor to give you Rs. 5 Lakhs Money Back Insurance Policy at a premium of Rs. 25000/pa instead of Rs. 1 Crore Term Insurance at Rs. 15000/pa)

Check 2: Nothing will happen to me. I workout daily and my company covers me.

            (This prompts the Advisor to think that “You Know Everything”. So you stay Under Insured in Life and Health costing dearly when that “Nothing” changes to “Something” unfortunately happens)

Check 3: I will do it next year. I am too young to have insurance. Let me enjoy life now.

            (This prompts the Advisor to think that “You are Super Rich, Cool and Well Supported by Family”. Your wealth and health is left unprotected)

Check 4: Why should I buy Mediclaim Policy for my kids and siblings and parents?

            (This prompts the Advisor to think that “You don’t care for the family”. Why spoil his relationship with you)

Insurance: I will be there, when you are not around.

Not having adequate insurance either on your life or health is a permanent Code Blue situation. Your Blue sky could turn cloudy and dark. You will lose the power to buy Garden Vareli Blue sari or your favourite Blue colour SUV in the near future.

Bottom line is “An unprotected wealth is not a healthy wealth plan at all”. Today on the occasion of Mahapanchami, pray for Peace and Prosperity and take action on bringing peace home with Health Insurance and protect Prosperity with Term Plan.

What you see in this pic and how you plan it with us makes all the difference.

Warm Regards

Antony Trackfinder

Founder & CMD

Trackfinder Financial Consultancy

+919969828224, +919869927212.


Asset Allocation, a Universe that You Need to Master.

Navratri Festival Day 4 – Chaturthi – Red
I hope you had an amazing three days of Puja.

On the 4th day of reflection, I am going to talk to you about your assets and its allocation matrix. Like I said in my first write up it is a small universe you can master with practice and patience.

Asset is Time in Solid Form.

Truly so, our parents have done it. Every other person you see across the street is knowingly or unknowingly doing it. It’s just that we do not take a deeper look at it.

From the first bowl of cereals by Mom to Granny’s dining table cutlery arrangements have it. Amma’s kitchen cabinet to our books shelf displays this. From your Newspaper sheet to every denomination of currency in the wallet shows this. Prescription of analgesic Paracetamol to Vitamin B Complex tablets carries this. Our Aircraft Carrier to Patrolling Vessels at sea uses this. Simple Paragliders to Rafael Fighters jets does have this in their wings.

Unfortunately our selective blindness to the obvious around makes learning difficult for us and we end up becoming sitting ducks.

We need to learn, how to act according to the situation rather than react to the situation unfolding in front of us. This is how you will stay ahead of the curve of pain.

By the way, all these gyan does not mean that Antony knows everything, makes no mistakes or he must be doing it day in and day out. So sorry, I must admit that, I do make mistakes. But I correct them faster than many. I fall, but I get up with renewed vigour. I never take Financial Losses to my heart.

All said and done, let’s turn Red Dress day to Red Letter Day of Wealth Management.

Chapter 1 = You should know what is your Return on Investments
Chapter 2 = Tag a Financial Goal to allocated asset/money
Chapter 3 = Restructure/Rebalance in profit and in loss too
Chapter 4 = Never go over weight on one asset class, Nothing permanently stays on the top.

Once you discuss all these 4 chapters with your family and us, you will be equipped with a strategy to allocate money in these broad sections. Contingency Fund, Provident Fund, Long Term Fund, Short Term Fund, Equity Fund and High Risk Fund.

All are not same. You are not supposed to put all eggs in the same basket, so goes the saying.

Happy Investing.

30 years old cannot invest like a 20 years old.
50 years old should not invest like a 40 years old one.
When you cross 60 the whole dynamics change.

Warm Regards
Antony Trackfinder
Founder & CMD
Trackfinder Financial Consultancy


Risk Is The Ability To Absorb Loss Or Profit

Wish you Navratri Festival Tritiya as bright and pure as White, may Goddess Chandraghanta give you strength to be all that you wanna be.

Day 3 – Tritiya – White

Taking Risk, It is Only for The Brave.

Last two days I wrote about savings and investments. Now time has come to address the most important, more so ever dreadful matter known as risk.

Risk is Not Linear, neither it is intangible. Risk exists all around us without we even being aware of  the magnitude of that unseen force. We realize it only when we are hit by it.

How do we contain risk?

How do we dodge risk?

How do we nullify risk?

You must understand that the destination is not the risk, but the path riddled with hurdles is.

Hold your breath and read the above 65 words again before going further down. Because……….

Risk Is The Ability To Absorb Loss Or Profit With Complete Realisation and Without Changing Who You Are.

Step 1 – Pen down, your personal threshold of “The Loss” you can take in number terms.

Step 2 – Who will support and shoulder “The Loss” in case it happens.

Step 3 – Have you appointed a strategist and tactician to minimize risk?

If you think that Life is a cake walk, try moon walking like MJ. It teaches you  to be patient while taking risk and building wealth and a brand.

To Contain Risk, one has to protect the one exposed to it with adequate structuring. Cement your knowledge, erect the plinth of Insurance, Furnish home with assets and Install an iron grille of Mediclaim protection.

To Dodge Risk, stick with a Financial Advisor and a Wealth Management System which works like a Gyroscope.

To Nullify Risk, keep rebalancing according to the situation to be balanced all the time.

Happy Investing.

Average 20 times of your annual income is supposed to be your minimum Term Plan.

Average 10 Lakhs of Health Insurance for you and all family members is a must have to keep your wealth risk free.

Warm Regards

Antony Trackfinder


Becoming Atmanirbhar in Personal Finance

Tough times are the best teachers. They push us to be better versions of ourselves, resolve, show courage and practice self-reliance. Often there is a great leap of faith during uncertainty, attempting to control only what we can and focussing on the basics, leaving everything else to fate. The past few months have seen our lives turned upside down. There is social distancing, working for home, learning from home while we fight a faceless pandemic. 

On the financial front too, there is uncertainty and volatility and there is some fear of job losses and/or pay cuts. If you are in business, depending on the nature of the business, you may be facing a huge liquidity crisis, losses, bad debts and so on. Even with all these challenges, we believe times will improve and ‘this too shall pass’. 

There are many lessons we have learnt for life. None so important than the need to be financially secure and settled. One may see this as financially self-reliant, self-dependent or as financial freedom. Whatever colour you may give, there is a clear trend towards being ‘atmanirbhar’ when it comes to your personal finances. In this article, we attempt to chalk a roadmap to aid you in walking this path. 


The first step is obviously to have a clear and fair understanding of your present financial situation. The following questions can be of great importance. 

  • What is the present Net worth? Investments, assets and liabilities?
  • What are monthly income and expenses?
  • How adequately are I and my family insured wr.r.t life, health, accidents, etc? 
  • Do I have an adequate emergency fund should I need it? 
  • How am I spending my income; what are the major heads of expenses? 
  • Why is there a gap between the expenses and actual savings? 
  • What is my total asset allocation into equities, debt, physical assets? How are they performing? 
  • What are my financial goals? How have I planned for the same? 
  • What is your credit score? 

Needless to say, these are just the starting questions but still a very good starting point. Ideally tabulating and recording answers to these questions should not take more than a couple of hours. And surely, one must attempt to do this as early as possible.

We would also encourage our readers who are married, to make time to discuss joint goals, issues and concerns with your spouse and even kids. Get everyone on board to understand the challenges and goals you all want to face together as a family. Possibly, your family can be of your greatest strength today. It will also prepare everyone for living within means, anticipating life changes, accepting the challenges, learning to compromise and manage as a team.


Procrastinating is not possible now and detrimental to long-term financial health. After you identify the gaps in your personal finances, the next step will be to address them. This is the crisis where we need to get your act together in all aspects of our finances – investment, protection, savings, spendings, goals, etc. Here is what you can do and perhaps many would have already acted on the same…


Living within your means:

We can expect a lot of people to severely curtail expenses, especially those which were financed by debt or credit cards. People will use debt only to make investments in things that gain value, such as real estate, a business, or an education. People will also do well to stop using credit cards and use only available cash /bank balance to spend in order to curtail expenditure.  

Tracking your net worth and financial goals:

Assessment of your financial well-being is not a one-time activity but a regular exercise. Check how well you are spending and saving and if you are building on your net worth. Everyone must have their financial goals defined and ensure a regular track of progress.


The above are few but crucial steps we believe would go a long way towards achieving financial success. There are many things which must be running your mind. However, unless an honest beginning is made, nothing can be accomplished, however big or small. Most of us would have done introspection on many aspects of their lives, including finances. When experiencing adversity, it’s crucial to accept our flaws, mistakes, and imperfections and then move ahead. However, with love, faith and support of our loved ones, we can move forward with strength, and change any adversity to opportunity. It is an opportunity for you to prove to yourself how strong you really are. As someone rightly said once, “we don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.

For more details click here.


Optimism – Opportunity – Openness

This wasn’t a write up or a blog idea. 40% of the content was an answer to one of my client who often believes other Financial Advisor’s and questions my stand and action with regards to Investment decisions taken by me. I am dyslexic, hence I often take the help of Leena for grammatical and wording errors and then I send it to Roma for “Missing Contents of Wealth Management”. She wrote back……

. Thus came the idea of penning it with more data and words in accordance with #WhimperingsOfaSteppingStone.

Underperformance of the Indian Equity Market was one of the best things that most of the retail investors missed. From SENSEX 41900 on 16Jan to 25900 on 23Mar to 34900 today.

Prashat Jain, Madhusudan Kela, Guy Spier, Neeraj Choksi, Nilesh Shah, Balasubramanian, Raamdeo Agarwal and many renowned Think Tank’s requested investors to increase SIP. Not even 1% of the investors actually thought about it.

Some sectors over performed and some not. 135bn people will not stop spending forever. When they start, we will touch Sensex 50000.

I am very sure of that happening sooner than later.

Market Outlook – Very Positive even if Nifty test’s 9750 again.
I will buy, buy and buy because India is Awesome.

Be it India-China or any situation, I remain strong and Patriotic.

Results – Not going to be good and will remain the same till Oct quarter results.
Things will change from Jan 21 and we will most likely feel FOMO.

I am so sorry to say, some people are still waiting to invest more.
Some are expecting Sensex to touch 25K again🤐.
Cheers to them for such optimism, I can’t complain.

The Price was attractive but we failed to see the Value.
Asset Allocation is the key.

Thanks to MARS investors, for your trust in our Portfolio Management and Funds Selection. We are now managing Rs. 5000 Cr and counting with a huge positive uptick vis-à-vis to the benchmark index.

I proposed and picked 11 companies on 24 Mar 2020 for my aggressive Equity Investors.
In that 9 outperformed and 2 performed, that too without doing any Trading and just sticking to Buying.

This is what Me and Roma believe. We practice too.

If you find sarcasm at some places, it’s just a reflection.

Roman Miranda (Sr Manager Investments & Insurance)

Yesudas Antony (CMD, Chief Investment Advisor)

Trackfinder Financial Consultancy


Oops! I missed it again

There is always an invisible connection between your investments, stock market, and politics. It is not mandatory for every investor to know this link. However, ill-informed emotional decisions can ruin your purported wealth creation. As Investment Bankers, we do not have the luxury to ignore certain coordinates to the destination. The Pessimist may call it a “Final Destination”.

Our destination is all about wealth creation through unbelievable hardships. This article published today in the Times of India business page speaks about what happens to a non-believer of the Indian economy and it vindicates my stand.

End of the day only a few smart investors made the best out of it by investing and enhancing their SIPs in the last 60 days. The rest of the “VERY SMART” investors canceled SIP’s and darr ke mare withdrew investments.


Mature Indians are on a spending spree. The Buying Power of smartphones above 15,000 range has doubled in the last quarter. Looking at this data tells us that we have the willingness to invest in depreciating assets.

Have you done justice to your wealth creation by increasing your SIP’s along with your new smartphone?

Some “need to” and some “want to” have the latest gadgets coming up in the technological domain. What is actually required varies from person to person. But, a proper retirement planning for the future is a mandatory requirement which most neglect or procrastinate.

It’s never too late to start an investment along with a new phone.


Manufacturing and Mining are down. When the chips are down, should you run away or invest to reap the benefits? Why as an investor do we overlook economic slowdown as an eroder instead of a wealth builder?

I have always found that most people invest by looking at the past performance and stopping when they see the valuations are going south or are stagnant.

Patience has to prevail over the onslaught of economical upheaval and use that as value addition opportunities.

We have been preaching this and at times requesting you to trust Indian economy and financial setup. But very few heed to my calls.


After the budget presentation, most of the government has gone cold feet. At one point, we all had a feeling that this government has gone crazy with absolute inaction. This continued till 4th August and on the dawn of 5th Aug, when the Government rewrote history with absolute brute force; sending ripples down the corridors of national and international establishments.

There was a huge patriotism floating around. To everyone’s surprise, the cold feet wasn’t really cold instead it was a warming up. It was a precursor to the warm super charged boxing match. 

Today this article was a surprise amidst a call of the Industry’s captains and stakeholders for a meeting with the finance minister to stimulate limping economy back on a bullet track.


The week ahead could be a mixed bag. Brace for huge surprises.

Our intuitions say so.

Authored By

Yesudas Antony (Chief Investment Advisor) +91 9869927212

Roman Miranda (Senior Manager Business Development) +91 9969828224

Phinnaeus: Why I like English Subject

One of the best investment decisions I took in my life was in 1999. It did not involve money but it was necessary to make it. I pronounced, “English will be the only language allowed in my family. No conversation can be in Malayalam or Hindi”.

It was not a welcome move. Many of my relatives branded it as arrogance and attitude.

My Father-in-law was very vocal about my decision. “You should not keep the next generation away from their mother-tongue Malayalam,” he said.

I held steadfast to it by way of an emotional submission “As long as the blood is of a Mallu, they will learn that dialect too. When they are pushed to the corner, they will try hard to pick up all languages around them be it Malayalam, Marathi or Mandarin”.

Necessity of language is the father of learning. Innovation becomes the mother.

Home Library

Creative writing was the subject floating in the air whole last week. Phinnu was given a task by the English teacher to pen “why you like English language”. Mom and son discussing it animatedly.

True to his nature, he is always in a hurry to finish his assignments. A course correction was much needed in his hussle up approach.

If expressions are relatable, points put forth becomes lively and rhyming. Finally he came up with a gem of an analogy. His first creative writing was born with wings.

Mon, Mar 29, 2021, 12:43 PM Phinnaeus A L <alphinnaeus@gmail.com> wrote:

When I think about English my feelings can be compared to drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter morning. After my brain is overworked by the other subjects, English makes me feel relaxed. When I listen to stories and poems, I am transported to the imaginary place where the author narrates the story. New idioms and words in the book are added to my vocabulary which I try to use in my day-to-day conversations. These are the reasons why English is one of my favorite subjects

Thank you
A.L Phinnaeus IX A

English Teacher Date: Wed, Mar 31, 2021 at 11:15 PM
Re: Why I like English subject
To: Phinnaeus A L

Dear Phinnaeus, Thanks for the mail. I really liked the way you have drawn comparison – ‘drinking hot chocolate…’. Continue reading and enjoy the benefits that come along with it. I really enjoyed reading your mail and I’m sure one day I would be reading a novel by the renowned author, A. L. Phinnaeus.

I felt proud of reading both emails. Every investment takes time. It took 13 long years to see the effects of my demand at home. In about another decade, his language will bloom and flourish.

He is on these

Create reading habits in children. Build a small library at home. Discuss and debate social, political, family budgets, adolescence, gender equality and family values with kids. Dinning table conversations are the best to connect with youngsters. Onesided preaching may have adverse effects, be careful there.

Happy Investing in Reading Books.

Why Is She a Xanthippe?

Guys be careful, getting married is one, but getting a Xanthippe home for life is entirely a different ball game.

It would be like trying to build a Stock Market Exchange at home.

Women become xanthippes. Why? Imagine this. I asked him, ” Did you get the milk and bread?”He said ” Understanding the question is half the answer” I said, “I will then serve philosophy as breakfast”He called me ‘xanthippe’That’s how the fight started. I say, behind every Xanthippe, there is a man who always forgets what […]

Why Is She a Xanthippe?

The Day of Veil Nebula and Whining Nifty

Late night meetings and drive kept me in bed a little longer than usual. She captured the moment of state with a thousand unspoken words.

Pillow Sleeping on Me, for a Change.

By 9:30 I had my prognostic moment about the unfolding of the day in numbers. The script was ready, lead actor Sensex and actress Nifty already came through many retakes in the last few shooting days.

The crew was getting impatient and I had the inkling of a major breakdown in the making. Hence I wrote……

Thanks to Warren Buffett

After posting this I settled down with my laptop. It blinked open with a magnificent constellation picture by Robert Gendler in @GettyImages. Absolutely mesmerizing.

HP Laptop Screensaver

Witch’s Broom in the Western Veil of the Veil Nebula, it is part of the remnants of a star 20 times the size of our sun that went supernova, exploding roughly 8,000 years ago. Thank you @Microsoft & @bing

By the time, I came back from a meeting, both actors messed up the plot as expected. February gave hope after hope and March took away all that and gave despair, dejection and damages to wealth.

One Among the Many I Received

That reply was my first spontaneous repartee to lighten up the atmosphere. I am not a Stock Market expert, but I know how it works. Hence it is Market Analysis of #MalfunctionsOfMyBrain.

Let the stock market bleed.
Bleeding is “New Energy in the Making”.
To become an extraordinary investor, one has to have the ability to identify opportunities.j

The moment of reckoning is when you stand strong againt the crisis unfolding before you.
Never wilt under pressure. This is the only Investing tip I can give.

End of The Day

Tomorrow we will restart our shooting with a new perspective and script. Until then Ciao

Corporate Red Tapism & Idiocracy Thrives On

It’s a jungle out there. These air-conditioned concrete forest is filled with Moronish Monsters and Diabolical Dinosaurs. They come in different sizes and colours. Most of them are hard core regionalists and haters of entrepreneurs.

Some of the experiences that I had in the last few months in the corporate circle had left me baffled about what I am doing wrong.
Most of you must be well versed with layers of fancy sounding positions in there.

Earlier, there were only 3 positions to deal with. LDC – Lower Division Clerk, UDC – Upper Division Clerk and an Officer. Now this has exploded and mutated into many positions giving no room to understand that the kind of power that they wield.

Especially when you have to get an issue resolved, they more or less looks same.

Corporate Executives

It starts with a Receptionist – Customer Relations Officer – Relationship Manger – Assistant Manager – Branch Manager – Zonal Manager – Zonal Sales Head – Team Leader – Regional Manager – Compliance Head – State Sales Head – National Sales Head – National Product Head – Dy Vice President etc etc.

In a world, where the customer is spoilt for choices and shifts loyalty to another in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, perturbed by these facts, I decided to escalate the matter to higher levels.

One-on-one discussion with MG, many things came to light, some sarcastic and others as a matter of fact. He said: “Most of these guys are beggers, none has the inventiveness to think above their pay grade, they ask more and give way too less, neither qualified enough nor have the mettle tobe different”.

That free wheeling conversation had a domino effect. Many people who throw their weight around are actually hollow. Clerical mindset is a cancer that consumes major part of an entrepreneur’s life.

I learnt one big lesson walking on this tight rope created by corporate houses, that is “Never talk about your problems to the ‘Nobody’s’ of the system”.

Some of them do not like to be named. They fear for their job and inflated ego.

Some do not like to be shown to the world around me. They fear for their so-so knowledge being exposed.

End of the day, I retire with a painful after thought, “Never Promote Unworthy People”.

#LetsMakeWealthTogether, Health and Happiness will Follow. My favourite tag line, which I firmly believe is mostly misunderstood by these bunch of idiots.

An Act of Selflessness, Courage and Generosity

I was getting seriously annoyed about the way Google Girl was taking me around.

I was supposed to visit a client at Sector 6 of Karanjade, Panvel. Somehow Ms. Gg took me to Sector 4 and made take rounds of the same place twice.

Called my client and informed him about what is going on with the location that he shared.

“Come to the Police Station area and I will guide you from there”. He said and hanged up.

At that moment, I noticed this young girl walking past my car attired in a red salwar. Couldn’t see her face but the dress stood out in that sultry atmosphere.

Few steps ahead, she was stopped by a stray dog. First I thought the dog was attacking her. What transpired in the next 3 minutes was an act of courage, selflessness and generosity par excellence.

Red Dressed Beautiful Heart

She opened her steel tiffin box and took out a roti to give it to the dog. The dog took the food and walked on to the footpath and relished it while she watched with sublime grace. She must have head the unspoken words of the dog and felt it’s happiness. After placing the tiffin back in her handbag, she walked away unaware of my presence few metres away.

She did not do that to show anyone. She did that without knowing that there were people watching her act of kindness. It was pure magic, a beautiful moment I felt lucky to have been part of.

Started my car, drove closer to her to thank her for what she did.

“It was so nice of you to do that, stay blessed”.

She had a amazing glow and smile on her face, she said “Thank you” and moved on.

Joy of Giving has amazing impacts on all of us.

World Poetry Day

You are slowly becoming an #AthukkumMele writer.

Your chemistry with life, words, taste, thoughts and love are in perfect combination and well synchronised.

Enjoying every moment of your creativity.

Yesterday was World Poetry Day. I woke up to a tag on Twitter by a generous soul, who added me as one of his favourite poets. Though I don’t post what he called as poems, on WordPress, I do engage in plenty of short write prompts on Twitter. I would say that words and I […]

World Poetry Day
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